Help to make a genuine and positive impact on the lives of young people and the future of ballet.


What We Do

No young person should feel that training and studying at The School of Classical Russian Ballet is beyond their means. The School has some of the world’s greatest ballet teachers who have had a long and distinguished background on the stage and impeccable training themselves. These Russian teachers live to pass on their cultural, technical and artistic experience to their students all of whom come from widely diverse backgrounds. These inspirational artists and their students have created an exceptional school. This extraordinary achievement is not possible without support so that talent and dedication open doors to the future.

Our Artistic Staff

We are in a unique position to offer all of our students the wisdom, expertise and experience of the former Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets soloists who make up our artistic staff. The students take class daily, rehearse and perform under their guidance. They know the classical repertoire in extraordinary detail and they carry much of every classic in their head and live to teach what they were taught. They believe classical ballet is the base for all movement from neo-classical to contemporary.

They have strong relationships with their theatres and every year the students perform on stage with principal artists of the Bolshoi Ballet which is an extraordinary opportunity and represents a vital part of their training and development into artists. The course that the School offers is inspirational and outstanding because of the teachers who, like the School, believe that it is ability and commitment which should open the doors to the knowledge and skill they have to share.

Opening Doors offers means-tested bursaries on fees which allows a talented young person to fulfil their ambitions and potential regardless of their background and financial circumstances.

We have a different approach to vocational education and without support, talented young people will miss the chance to change their lives and find who they are.

By supporting us you will make a difference to a huge number of young people for whom ballet and classical music may otherwise be an unaffordable dream.

Your gift of £25,200 enables Andrea to complete a year of ballet training, as well as her A-levels in Maths, History and Spanish and auditions for esteemed dance companies.

Support Our Children’s Ballet

The School believes that access to ballet is essential for all groups and ages of young children and people and bursaries are available for all ages and all levels of student. A young child is able to take weekly ballet lessons because of this approach just as a young child may begin serious training with us six times a week because of the bursaries offered. For many local children, a ballet lesson would be unaffordable without this policy of subsidy. Our classes should be truly representative of the borough where we are situated and we are proud that they are.

What Is Our Outreach

Increasing access to ballet breaks down the stigma of elitism. This is important to the school not just for the current students but also for the students of the future. The school is an active participant in the borough of Lambeth where for many children ballet and theatre plays no part in their lives. The school is constantly encouraging participation and engagement with young people through a very extensive outreach programme with many local schools.  It performs for over 1500 Lambeth children each year and over 1000 young people in Manchester. It has developed remarkable partnerships, such as with the Kia Oval where over 1000 children attend the annual performances for free. This reach has been extended to Manchester in an area where there had never been a ballet performance.

Theatre Outreach and Young Lambeth Performers

At every theatre performance the school puts on over 10% of the audience are young children who have never been to a theatre and would be very unlikely to have the chance to without the school’s work.  It teaches over 325 children each week in the borough and has created from a standing start a lively and incredible group of young children who have never danced before, known as the Young Lambeth Performers, who perform over four times a year and often with Principals from the Bolshoi Ballet. This is a life changing moment not just for the youngsters involved but also for the friends and family watching.

The goal of the school is to break down barriers and misconceptions about ballet and create pathways to the school for subsidised lessons. Young boys and girls realise they too may dance and more and more young children are seeing ballet in a theatre and watching the miracle of their friends dance on stage after committing to rehearsals and preparation.

We loved the diversity, elegance and the beauty of all the performances and this helped to address misconceptions of what ballet is all about and who ballet is targeted at.
​You are doing a great job! keep inspiring our children!”
Claudia Fleary-Tayabali, Deputy Headteacher - Henry Fawcett Primary School

What Your Support Does

Discover more about how our bursary programme, Opening Doors, makes a meaningful impact upon our students’ lives by watching the video below.

Your support will help us reach young people and show them a different world outside their own which will inspire them, increase their confidence and sense of worth. No gift is too small.

Why We Need Your Support

As a charity, we need donations to continue our far-reaching and meaningful impact on the lives of our students and the young people in the community. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us make ballet accessible to hundreds of students and thousands of audience members every year.

Find out more below about how you can make a genuine and positive impact on the lives of young people and the future of ballet. We welcome every gift, no matter the size, from sponsoring a pair of ballet shoes to sponsoring a student’s training and education.

  • Your gift of £30 buys a pair of pointe shoes for a full-time student
  • Your gift of £50 provides transport for a young child in Lambeth to attend all rehearsals for one term
  • Your gift of £162 sponsors one a young boy from the local area to attend a Ballet and Gymnastics class taught by a specialist teacher from the Bolshoi School in Moscow for one term
  • Your gift of £162 pays for ballet lessons for one term for a child whose family cannot afford this
  • Your gift of £190 buys textbooks for teaching 8 GCSE subjects to full-time students
  • Your gift of £300 brings a classical musician to perform at the Oval in front of over 500 children from the local area
  • Your gift of £600 pays for an outreach performance in a school
  • Your gift of £1,260 enables five vocational students to study for a GCSE in French, German, Russian, or Spanish for one term
  • Your gift of £1,500 pays for transport to Manchester for two ballet performances free of charge for over 500 people who have never seen a ballet before
  • Your gift of £2,000 pays for drapes, floorings, wings and sound for a performance at the Kia Oval for over 500 local children
  • Your gift of £2,500 provides lighting to make our Oval performances magical for over 500 local schoolchildren
  • Your gift of £3,000 brings 150 children to watch a ballet performance with principals of the Bolshoi Ballet in a theatre
  • Your gift of £3,400 pays for ballet training for one term for a full-time student
  • Your gift of £6,300 allows four vocational students to study Biology A-level for one year
  • You gift of £25,200 sponsors one year of ballet training and 3 academic A-levels for a vocational student who is part of our Opening Doors Bursary Programme
  • Your gift of £35,000 sponsors a choreographer and outreach teacher for 2 years to bring world-class ballet training to 325 children in the community to train, as well as providing rehearsals to our Young Lambeth Performers for their 6 annual performances

We welcome donations and financial support from all, whether you are an individual, a company, or a charitable trust. If you are interested in making a donation to the school, please get in touch with the office on or on 020 7498 0498.