“We feel that the exposure that the children get by being given the opportunity to dance alongside members of the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet company is invaluable and gives the children a more meaningful perception of the attraction of this discipline. The labour developed to get boys interest in ballet is also highly laudable and widens vastly the horizons and perspectives of the children. Their perception of ballet as an open access activity that can be enjoyed by everybody is clearly one of the objectives The School of Classical Russian Ballet is working hard to attain. It also shows children the formative value of rigorous discipline.”
Parent of pre-vocational scholar and Young Lambeth Performer

In just over 7 years The School of Classical Russian Ballet has created partnerships with over 25 Lambeth Primary Schools and a number of schools outside the borough. It has worked with thousands of young children enriching their lives. Join The School of Classical Russian Ballet to inspire young children with the pleasure of performing, the magic of theatre and the sense of achievement in overcoming the odds to do something difficult. At The School of Classical Russian Ballet, we are passionate about sharing what we know, especially with others who might otherwise be shut out from ballet and classical music. It is a great and rewarding journey to join us on.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is situated in Lambeth which as a borough makes great effort to tackle educational underachievement across its wards amongst disadvantaged pupils. The rate of Pupil Premium is much higher than the national average in a significantly large number of schools, including the primary schools with which The School of Classical Russian Ballet works. Pupil Premium amongst these varies from 30% to 58% with resulting varying cultural deprivation among those eligible for PP. The borough and the schools work very hard to tackle this issue.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is passionate about including these youngsters and all whom it reaches in the world of ballet and classical music.

Art and culture are a vital part of education and are too often missing from the lives of many young people. It is officially recognised that schools in the borough spend portions of their Pupil Premium to “diminish the inequality of cultural experiences for PPG pupils” or to provide a special provision of structured activities and music.

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The School of Classical Russian Ballet has set itself goals to help and to inspire young people through different projects

  • The Oval Performances for 1000 children in 2019

  • Lambeth Schools Enterprise with 325+ children taught each week

  • Young Lambeth Performers (YLP) are youngsters from Lambeth performing on stage with The School of Classical Russian Ballet students and Principal Artists from the Bolshoi Ballet

  • Audiences from the Community in Theatre Performances over 1200 children engaged in 2019

The above are free to all recipients.

Pictures from the Christmas Oval Outreach Performance 9th December 2019

You are doing a great job!  Keep inspiring our children!
Thank you
Claudia Fleary-Tayabali, Deputy Headteacher - Henry Fawcett Primary School

The School of Classical Russian Ballet performed for 500 children from Lambeth for whom ballet might otherwise be out of reach

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers life-changing experiences to local children together with a pathway to subsidised ballet lessons. These are children who might otherwise only dream of taking ballet or gymnastics lessons or performing or watching a theatre performance.

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