Evgeny Goremykin

Opening Doors

The School of Classical Russian Ballet was founded on the heritage of the Russian Classical Ballet Theatre, the traditions of which are over 300 years old. I have had this tradition in my blood since the age of ten when I walked into the Bolshoi Ballet School. The opportunities and teaching offered to me all those years ago transformed my life.

The bursary programme, Opening Doors, offered by The School of Classical Russian Ballet enables students from all backgrounds to take up a place at the school just as I did in Moscow. I regard it as fundamental to the identity of The School of Classical Russian Ballet. Our main aim is to pass on the great skills of our training to the students in our growing school and to maintain the principles of accessibility, hard work and commitment.

We believe it is important for these young people to combine excellent artistic achievement with academic prowess. We are responsible for preparing ballet artists of the future who are ready for modern life. Today’s world, either in the theatre or outside it, is sophisticated and interconnected. It is, therefore, essential to create choice for our students and make them curious about their art, future profession and place in the world.

Vocational Students at Work

The Russian system of training develops an instantly recognisable physique, excellent artistry and a powerful technique. It is a solid preparation for a future healthy life on the stage. We work with all our students as equals placing the same demands on each one. Our unique approach encourages individual personality and style to flourish as our students develop.