“We get wonderful Russian teachers you would not find in another ballet school, each has something to give me. You work hard every day and it pushes me. We have time for academics, it’s balanced with a normal amount of homework. You don’t just do an exercise in class or write something down, they explain it.”
A level Maths Scholarship student

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers a different approach to vocational education in ballet training. Unlike other conservatories, in the sixth form, alongside outstanding ballet training The School of Classical Russian Ballet insists on rigorous academic study, offering a full choice of demanding A level and GCSE options. At the School, we view academic study as vital for the complete artistic and professional fulfilment of an individual and that this academic study may be managed alongside exceptional ballet training. A complete education is the best protection against the future for any student and the greatest artistically creative individuals require a cultural foundation from which to leap. A vocational artist should not require re-training at the end of school or their dancing career.

The ability either to contribute to theatre life or to walk down different avenues is possible for a confident and educated individual with a historical appreciation of their craft. This is why we are committed to giving our students the same high-quality level of academic teaching as the outstanding ballet training. A typical day in the life of a student at The School of Classical Russian Ballet is about being taught by experts who are passionate about what they do ranging from former Bolshoi Ballet Principals to Oxbridge graduates. The ballet training course at the School Classical Russian Ballet in London is modern and unique.

The Bursary Programme Opening Doors is integral to The School of Classical Russian Ballet, Opening Doors, and makes access to ballet training and academic education available to all, irrespective of economic, social or ethnic background.

All graduates on the subsidy scheme of The School of Classical Russian Ballet have been offered places either with leading ballet companies or have taken up prestigious places at Russell Group Universities.

“I am the first person in my family to go to University. I chose languages because it is about communication. I believe ballet is about that too…. I still teach ballet to the kids in my The School of Classical Russian Ballet club every week. I want to give them something, I see how eager they are to learn, like I was …. I want to be a teacher.”
The School of Classical Russian Ballet scholarship graduate, 1st-year student at Queen Mary University, London

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