“I find it really, really interesting and inspirational…I keep coming because I want to get better and better!”
2nd-year member of Young Lambeth Performers

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is an independent charity. We are a young school full of ambition and enthusiasm, and at our core is a ballet heritage stretching back over 300 years. Our School began in 2010 when Evgeny Goremykin set up a school to provide students with the same exceptional ballet training he had received in Russia. He danced for over twenty years with the Bolshoi Ballet and worked with some of the world’s greatest ballet artists. His motivation was simple: he wanted to share the knowledge, skills and world-class ballet training he had received throughout his career with young people in a school in London.

The school believes the only requirements for entry onto the ballet training course should be talent, dedication and hard work. Over 80% of vocational, 90% of pre-vocational students and 70% of recreational students receive bursaries in order to train. The School of Classical Russian Ballet makes ballet training a reality through its bursary and subsidy programme for many young children and students. We are dedicated to providing access to the outstanding ballet training that our teachers offer to young people, irrespective of their economic, social or ethnic background. This commitment is in keeping with the tradition of Russian Ballet. This is because Russian Ballet places great importance on passing knowledge and skills acquired through the experience of ballet training and ballet performance to the next generation. Integral to the ballet training at the school is the extensive performance practice we offer all our students throughout the year. In the last eighteen months we have performed 14 times in a wide variety of classical and contemporary repertoire.

We are also a sincere participant in the local community. The School of Classical Russian Ballet teaches over 325 children each week in Lambeth schools and has founded the Young Lambeth Performers (YLP). Our Young Lambeth Performers are made up of young children from the local community who rehearse and perform on numerous occasions throughout the year with students from our school and artists from the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Ballets, At the School, we recognise the importance of fostering rewarding relationships with local primary schools in order to provide high-quality ballet training to these young pupils, who may not otherwise have access to ballet training or ballet performance opportunities.

We are immensely proud of our Young Lambeth Performers, many of whom have committed themselves to further ballet training, and all of whom are exceptional role models to their peers at school and in the wider community. The Young Lambeth Performers have shown it is possible to break down the barriers of entry to the world of ballet training and the world of theatre performance. It takes time to see these wonderful goals of inclusion and access becoming successful but all the more rewarding when it does.

As a Russian classical ballet school, all the artistic staff performed leading in the world’s greatest ballet companies, the Bolshoi and the Mariiinsky Ballet and they worked with great Russian ballet artists. Irina Prokofyeva, for example, Honoured Artist of Russia and Head of Girl’s technique was a student of both Galina Ulanova and Marina Semyonova during her career as a ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is truly proud of its academic staff, dedicated high calibre individuals who are often teachers from leading public schools or lecturers at universities.

The story of the school is therefore, uncomplicated. It centres on wisdom and experience to shape the artists and graduates of the future.