“I came to The School of Classical Russian Ballet aged 18 when I had been told I would never make it as a dancer. They gave me a full scholarship to train. There was incredible performance practice at a very high level and even access to company classes given by great teachers who support The School of Classical Russian Ballet like Svetlana Adyrkhaeva, People’s Artist of Russia. I will never be able to thank them for their commitment to me and the knowledge they have given me and the preparation for theatre life…”
The School of Classical Russian Ballet scholarship graduate and soloist

All the artistic staff of the School of Classical Russian Ballet in London were leading soloists from the Bolshoi, Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky Theatres and were taught by great Russian artists who were themselves renowned as some of the greatest names in ballet, such as Galina Ulanova, Marina Semyonova, Natalia Dudinskaya, Ludmilla Safronova, Raisa Stuchkova, Boris Akimov, Maris Liepa and Alexey Ermolaev to name but a few. Our school is modern in outlook but teaches the traditions and technique of Russian ballet training to students so that they become technically powerful and artistically knowledgeable graduates who are able to work in any company of the world today.

At the school, we view performance and repertoire practice as one of the most important components of ballet training in moulding a ballet artist of the future. Performances give the students the chance to develop stage craft and technical skills. As an important part of their ballet training, the school invites famous artists from the Bolshoi Ballet to perform in the theatre alongside the students at least twice a year. This creates an invaluable opportunity to see mature artists of the Bolshoi Ballet on stage and gives great insight into what each student must strive for to become a technically excellent artist. The School of Classical Russian Ballet in London offers extensive performance opportunities for all the students to enable them to build stamina, artistic and dramatic skill and to find an understanding of themselves as performers rather than as simply students. The artistic staff have a unique knowledge of the classical ballet repertoire reaching back to Petipa and this is an essential component of the ballet training the school offers. This exceptional resource that the artistic staff provide,  is essential to the ballet training process at our school. The school believes a profound knowledge of the past will build confident and modern ballet dancers who have been inspired by their teachers and who will inspire others in turn.

At The School of Classical Russian Ballet during their ballet training a student is often described as:

Very hard-working




Demanding of themselves







Passionate about their art

Our students are on a journey to become classical ballet dancers with the help of their teachers who understand how to draw out their talents and develop their skills through their own life long experience as leading ballet dancers in the greatest companies of the world.

The School of Classical Ballet in London is committed to ensuring that access to the outstanding ballet training and academic education that it offers is accessible to a wide and diverse student base. Russian ballet training has always been open to students of very different backgrounds and during the twentieth century some of the most famous names in the world of ballet were able to train because the training was free. The school believes it must maintain this ethos of accessibility to ensure that personal financial circumstances do not deny great talent the benefit of wonderful ballet training. It encourages young people who want to train to apply to the school. The ballet training will be challenging but the welcome from the school and its artistic staff will always be warm. The school remains determined to provide financial support from the Opening Doors Bursaries to all who need this to complete their ballet training.

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