“…I will keep on dancing Russian Ballet as one of my greatest passions… I will always remember my first performance dancing on the same stage as members of the Bolshoi Ballet… how fantastic it was!”
Young Lambeth Performer and Pre-vocational Scholar


The School of Classical Russian Ballet has planning permission to build a world-class arts and ballet facility in two phases. The complete project comprises a theatre sized performance practice space with a stage area and retractable seating. Rehearsals for performances will be undertaken on-site and regular outreach performances arranged with none of the current expense. Bursary student numbers will increase significantly with 90 full-time students of whom 50 would benefit from a bursary. Pre-vocational students would double in number to 80 with 40 receiving a bursary. Recreational student numbers would more than double with over 150 in receipt of a full subsidy. Visiting artists will use the new studios, and The School of Classical Russian Ballet could showcase their work to the local community.


The first phase of the target is a new large studio necessary for proper teaching and much-needed improved facilities for the current students of The School of Classical Russian Ballet together with academic classroom space.

This has been costed at £390,000. The facility would transform the school and how it operates. Numbers of vocational students would be increased to meet the current demand from young people who deserve to receive the best opportunities. Excellent training would continue but in facilities necessary to develop greater technical skill and artistry.

The Young Lambeth Performers (YLP) Performance Programme would be secure, and the numbers involved increased. The new studio would enable associate and recreational numbers to grow in accordance with the numbers who wish to attend The School of Classical Russian Ballet. Outreach and theatre performances could be staged without the stress of hiring rehearsal spaces and conflict for classrooms would end with the increased space.

The programme for visiting artists would begin with this new studio. This would offer invaluable insights to both the vocational students and to the outreach communities coming to the school.

If you are passionate about inspiring young children with ballet and classical music and would like to help make the First Phase of The Development Target a reality, please contact Harriet Pickering on harriet.pickering@classicalballet.org

First Phase Development Target