Children’s Interactive Ballet Classes

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is delighted to offer Live Stream Interactive Classes which will begin from 6th April 2020. We hope that these classes will provide an opportunity for young children to be active and occupied during a part of the day when parents may be busy. We also want to keep children fit and healthy and connected to their love of ballet and music. Classes will be taken by Sophie Richardson and will be limited in number to 8 children to ensure that Sophie is able to correct and comment during the class.

We have created a timetable which we hope is flexible and useful for parents who are working at home. It is possible to book as often as you wish in the appropriate age group class. Classes last 45 minutes and the fee is £3.50 per class. All revenue will be used for our staff and the academic education of the full time students of the school.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Private lessons with Sophie may be arranged, please contact the school if you are interested on

What are interactive live classes?

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Children’s Interactive Class Schedule