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Children’s Ballet

In the Russian School, there is no formal syllabus for children’s ballet before the age of nine. The School of Classical Russian Ballet believes that a fun and gentle introduction to the world of ballet is the most beneficial and effective approach for a young child. We ensure that the children’s ballet classes are full of joy and that they foster a love of classical music and rhythm in a kind and nurturing environment. Our children’s ballet classes avoid repetitive and dull exercises, as well as too much barre work at a very early age. With our children’s ballet classes, we concentrate on agility, flexibility, co-ordination and concentration, in a fun and engaging way which captures children’s imaginations.

Our wonderful teachers focus on body awareness, creativity and individuality, combining this with gymnastic floor work for strengthening, muscle development and flexibility. Children’s ballet should be enjoyable for every child, where the expression of their emotions through movement helps with mental development and confidence.

There is no uniform for the youngest children’s ballet classes. We want every young child to feel free to express themselves and be happy working with others under the care of the highly qualified teachers and the Head of Children’s Ballet Ekaterina Krasyuk, is a graduate of the Vaganova School, in the class of L. Safronova, and was a soloist at the Mariinsky Ballet.

Working alongside Ekaterina, we are delighted to have Sophie Richardson who has a wealth of experience in teaching children’s ballet. Our young students thoroughly enjoy Sophie’s ballet classes. Sophie ensures that every class has a welcoming and fun atmosphere in order to encourage children’s development and confidence. Sophie is currently in her final year of a degree in Ballet Pedagogy while completing a training course in Russia. She specialises in the earlier ages of children’s ballet.

In children’s ballet at the School of Classical Russian Ballet, progression to serious barre work is regulated both by the age and the coordination and concentration of the child. Our approach to children’s ballet aims to help young children focus and enjoy the rewards of their own efforts in a happy and encouraging atmosphere. Our Early Years Children’s Ballet programme focuses on simple movements to classical music which form the basis of dance for young children. Simple exercises, such as skipping across the room in time to music, are not only hugely enjoyable for any young child, but also excellent for developing a sense of rhythm and important motor skills.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet wants children to thrive in a happy and nurturing environment. This is why we ensure that children’s ballet classes are a balance between fun, learning, teamwork and discipline which are the Foundations of Ballet. We are passionate about teaching children and helping them flourish in their technical skills, creativity and confidence.

Find out more about our Children’s Ballet Classes on our blog here. In our first blog post, hear from our younger students about what they love about ballet!

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Children’s Ballet for older children

Our children’s ballet classes become more disciplined with a recognisable ballet structure and technical standard as the children become older. Floor work remains central to the start of all classes and is essential for developing muscle strength, length and flexibility. Our young students learn fun and rewarding dances at the end of lessons, and the talented youngsters are able to show parents their achievements at the end of each term in special lessons. This way of teaching allows our young students to grow their grace and elegance as ballet dancers, as well as nurturing their technical skills and muscle development. We believe that children’s ballet should be centred around a warm and nurturing atmosphere where creativity is encouraged and where young students can thrive.

From the age of 7, children are encouraged to take ballet classes more than once a week. Some children are happy to continue with ballet classes as a beloved recreation, but for others taking several exceptional ballet classes each week is the beginning of the pathway to serious ballet training six days a week pre-vocationally after school. This pre-vocational programme is a special training programme offered by the School of Classical Russian Ballet and is an end goal for some youngsters when they start their children’s ballet classes.

Taking more than one class per week allows young students to develop and hone a broad range of techniques and crucially to nurture their passion for music and dance. We are committed to providing the very best training to each and every one of our young students, and our teachers are more than happy to discuss and advise on which classes would suit your child best.

Children are selected from the age of 9 into the pre-vocational classes by Marina Kamburova, Head of the Foundation Year’s Programme.

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Children’s classes are 45 minutes long in the very first year, one hour at the age of 6-7 and from 8 upwards last one and a half hours.

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