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Early Classes from age three and a half

We accept children for our children’s ballet classes from three and a half years of age. Our Early Years Children’s Ballet programme encourages a sense of rhythm, movement and musicality to improve coordination and attention skills, which makes for a captivating and fun introduction to ballet and dance. We seek to include elements of folk and character dance as early as possible, which are accessible to and lovely for the very young student to dance. All children’s ballet at the School of Classical Russian Ballet begins with floor work, and from 5 the little students are introduced to the barre during the class. Over time, exercises at the barre become more demanding, to develop the child’s technicality and skills. All children in our children’s ballet classes are encouraged to enjoy centre work and free movement where they are able to gain in confidence and personal expression while learning simple dance and steps in time to the music.

At the School of Classical Russian Ballet we are proud of our artistic staff, all of whom have years of experience performing with some of the world’s most renowned ballet companies. Our Head of Children’s Ballet, Ekaterina Krasyuk, is a former soloist at the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre. Working alongside Ekaterina is the much loved Sophie Richardson who has spent many years in the Russian system.

Ekaterina offers the highest standard of ballet training. We are very fortunate to have Ekaterina with us and she has an exceptional background in the world of ballet, training at the Vaganova School under Professor Lyudmilla Safronova who was a student of Vaganova before dancing as a soloist with the Mariinsky Ballet. She loves working with children and is determined to share her knowledge, passion and understanding of ballet with her students.

Children’s Ballet Classes from Age 8 – 12

From around eight years of age, children with both potential and enthusiasm are encouraged to take ballet classes more than once or twice a week if they would like to. Many also maintain attendance once a week and are very happy. The School of Classical Russian Ballet wishes to encourage interest and participation to whatever degree matches the desire of the child. We also ensure that financial assistance is available for children’s ballet where needed when ballet classes are taken more than once a week.

At this point in our children’s ballet programme, we introduce classes with more formal structure. These classes include barre work and serious and repeated exercises which build the foundation of children’s ballet and develop the required posture while working on turnout and the recognizable port de bras of Russian ballet training. Floor work is still considered very important at the start of class, and stretching exercises are a central part of this work. Simple dances are taught to lovely music which are a source of great pleasure and pride for the young student.

Children’s ballet may remain recreational for very many young students. These ballet classes are genuinely enjoyable and many youngsters remain wonderful enthusiastic participants of the school without moving to more serious ballet training. For some, however, children’s ballet at the School of Classical Russian Ballet is the foundation for entry to the pre-vocational programme which begins from the age of 9/10. Marina Kamburova and Ekaterina Krasiuk select young children with a desire and aptitude to join this serious level of ballet training during the summer. All children already at the school are welcome to apply and children from outside.

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Children’s Ballet – Stretch Classes

These classes take place twice a week on Saturday and Sunday. They are ideal as an addition to ordinary children’s ballet classes for the young enthusiast, both boys and girls. They are enormously helpful in understanding how to develop flexibility and turnout safely and enjoyably. These ballet classes are recommended for the serious and recreational youngster alike. They are also for those who are taking gymnastics classes or other forms of exercise to help build a rounded physique less prone to injury. These children’s ballet classes last one hour.

Children’s Ballet – Teenage Classes at the School of Classical Russian Ballet London

The school runs classes for teenagers during the week. These build on physical skills and knowledge already acquired and are taken by students who wish to study recreationally at a high level. They build stamina and increase musicality, while focussing on the world-class Russian Ballet technique. For teenagers looking for an introduction to dance evening classes are available Monday to Thursday at 7.00pm with Inga George or Naomi Norris. There are also classes at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday for teenage girls with a knowledge of ballet.

Private Children’s Ballet Classes for all Age Groups

Private classes are available with the teachers of the school. Please enquire via email or telephone the school on 0207 498 0498.

Children’s Ballet Blog

Find out more about our Children’s Ballet Classes on our blog here. In our first blog post, hear from our younger students about what they love about ballet!

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Associate Programme at The School of Classical Russian Ballet Clapham

Our children’s ballet classes are open at the weekend to those children who are not able to attend during the week. These take place during the day on Saturday and Sunday. They are a structured introduction to the unique Russian technique to build stamina, musicality and technique. Please enquire via email on or telephone the school on 0207 4980498.

Junior Summer School 2020

Information will be posted on the wonderful summer school programme which will be run by The School of Classical Russian Ballet in July 2020 later this year. If you wish to register your child in advance please send an email to The summer school runs classes for children aged 7-12.