ballet training - pre-vocational ages 9-15

The School of Classical Russian Ballet in London offers access to specialised ballet training for young children who wish to learn from the admired Russian ballet syllabus but who are still in full-time education at their own schools. This is a very unusual approach. The School of Classical Russian Ballet trains and teaches young students from the ages of 9 – 15 to be well prepared, disciplined and experienced so that they will be able to take up full-time ballet training later in the school or elsewhere. It is a demanding programme which requires commitment from the students. The School of Classical Russian Ballet in London provides support to the students at many levels during their training, for example, with homework, as workloads from schools increase. The youngsters in the pre-vocational classes are serious about their ballet training and love their work.

Pre-vocational Students
in Performance 2019

Pre-vocational Students and
the Young Lambeth Performers 2019

The first year Foundation programme is gymnastics oriented with a strong emphasis on flexibility, posture, coordination, rhythm and musicality. Students do not progress to the barre until the end of their first term. This system of ballet training is the basis of the instantly recognisable appearance of Russian Ballet and the Russian trained ballet dancer.

There are annual exams and two control classes during each academic year so that the artistic staff and students monitor progress together. The students advance to the next year’s syllabus, when they have passed the exam for their current year. The school adheres strictly to the Russian syllabus of training and the teachers of the pre-vocational ballet training programme are specialists of teaching this age group. Both Marina Kamburova and Ekaterina Krasiuk are graduates of the Vaganova Academy and were soloists in the Mariinsky Ballets. They are devoted to their students and their students are equally devoted to them.

Students of the pre-vocational ballet training programme are both boys and girls. They work hard and enjoy the expectations placed on them. The school, however, recognises that not all children are able to attend 6 days per week from the beginning of their training. The artistic staff discuss the personal circumstances of each student and their family at the outset of ballet training in order to reach a decision about frequency of attendance.

All the young students take part in the extensive performance programme that the School of Classical Russian Ballet offers. They rehearse and prepare enthusiastically for all the performances and are a source of inspiration for other young children.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet in London offers places for the pre-vocational ballet training course following a successful audition. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like more information about this.

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Bursaries are available for all those requiring financial assistance

Applications for ballet training are welcome throughout the year