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“The opportunities The School of Classical Russian Ballet provides are absolutely unique given the central location of the school. I would not have received Russian ballet training and a first class academic education anywhere else in London. The school has allowed me to excel artistically and academically far beyond my own expectations. It is a gem for anyone with professional aspirations who wishes to train with teachers who were lucky enough to be taught in the iconic Russian ballet system themselves.”
Graduating scholarship student

Ballet training is special at The School of Classical Russian Ballet because

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers a three year full-time vocational ballet training programme with academic education in the sixth form for students aged 16 – 19. There are also limited full-time vocational ballet training places available for students aged 14 – 16 combined with GCSEs.

The Artistic Staff of The School of Classical Russian Ballet in London are a wonderful resource, and these teachers have an extraordinary insight to offer their students because of their own extensive performing careers at the highest level in the world’s greatest companies. They are an inspiration to their students and they want to see them excel in their chosen profession which is a competitive and difficult one.

They use their personal experiences to advise and coach the students to reach their potential and they understand life on the stage and they want their students to enjoy this as much as they did themselves. They are passionate to share the knowledge and expertise given to them by their own teachers, who were all renowned Russian artists. This process of giving back is an essential part of ballet training at the School of Classical Russian Ballet and makes it rich and inspiring. There is great respect between students and teachers and the school is very proud of the strong relationships built up between the artistic and academic staff and their students.

Classical ballet is regarded as the foundation for all types of dance and is the best preparation for students wishing to pursue a life of dance on stage, whether in classical ballet or contemporary or neo-classical genres. Russian ballet training is widely regarded as one of the most disciplined and demanding forms of ballet training and creates a wonderful base for a long and healthy professional career.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet insists on academic education alongside ballet training from a full choice of A-levels. It is the only school dedicated to ballet training to do this. The school believes that graduates must be prepared for the modern world which is competitive and inter-connected. A solid educational base builds independent and creative thinking which is so important for a modern artist. A student of The School of Classical Russian Ballet is prepared for life as an individual, confident of themselves and their ability to contribute to the world around them in their chosen profession.

Students receive a diploma in Russian Classical Ballet at the end of their ballet training in the sixth form.

All students are given extensive support and advice when applying for companies or to University. The school recognises this is a daunting but is extremely important procedure for all the students.

All graduates have found a place either in a ballet company or at a Russell Group University on completion of the course offered by the School of Classical Russian Ballet in London.

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