As a school based in Lambeth we feel we should reflect the backgrounds and ethnicities of the borough and make opportunity available as widely as possible.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet believes that life-changing training and education should be accessible to gifted students regardless of their background. Means-Tested bursaries are awarded based on the merit of the individual and their financial circumstances.

As the school grows, it aims to maintain a very high percentage of scholarship students. A fundraising programme has been started for scholarship students taking academic A levels alongside their ballet training. The aim is to ensure the continued ability of the school to offer bursaries to talented young people.

A bursary varies in value from 10% – 100% of the full fees. The application procedure is extremely simple. A Means-Testing form may be downloaded here.

This shows the information required to assess any application. We are always very happy to help with this procedure as it may appear complex.

Applications are not based purely on income, rather each one is looked at individually. Several factors are taken into consideration such as income, outgoings,  savings and ability to work. Applications are received throughout the year.

We do not wish a parent or prospective student to feel that training and studying at
The School of Classical Russian Ballet is beyond their means.

If you wish to know more about Opening Doors or become involved in the Bursaries Fund please contact

Pre Vocational Audition Application
Full-time Vocational Audition Application