Full-time Vocational Audition Application

The School of Classical Russian Ballet is the only school teaching professional Russian classical ballet with artistic staff who were leading soloists from the Bolshoi, Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky Theatres.  The teachers have a life long experience performing at the highest level and were trained either at the Vaganova School or Bolshoi Academy, the two most prestigious schools in the world.

They have an extraordinary knowledge of the repertoire, which includes the many technically and artistically complex elements which contributed to the development of ballet throughout the last century.

Vocational Students at Work

Classes take place six days a week, and all vocational training is offered alongside full academic A level education. The full course is demanding but enormously satisfying. Contemporary training, pas de deux and character dance are also an essential component of the programme. 

The students perform many times throughout the year often alongside artists from the Bolshoi or Mariinsky Ballets.

Bursaries are available to all applicants through the Opening Doors scholarships.

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