“No one minds if I take my shoes off when I teach. They care about the way I teach the subject that I love and whether it is in the best interests of the students…”
Head of Maths, Andrew Murray

The School of Classical Russian Ballet has a flexible and individual approach as a small school. Teachers are encouraged to do what they think is best for the students, and there is no rote approach to learning.

All teachers are specialists in their subjects. They understand their pupils are vocational students whose main passion is ballet, and this creates unique pressures which the teachers are attuned to. This passion is developed in harmony with their intellectual and academic potential. Each student is treated as an individual with their own possibilities. The School of Classical Russian Ballet recognises some students arrive at the school unaware of their own talents and abilities academically. The school works hard to ignite interest and support learning, where the student is new to strict academic demands.

The teachers, both academic and artistic, aim to prepare graduates of The School of Classical Russian Ballet to be independent, educated and genuinely creative artists who are respectful of knowledge and how to communicate with it. An The School of Classical Russian Ballet graduate has been taught there is always room for improvement.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers History of Ballet and Theatre in addition to the general curriculum. This subject teaches the place of ballet and dance in the development of the theatre from ancient times. Trips to the theatre and museums in London also take place regularly, and students are encouraged to take advantage of what London offers culturally.

The School of Classical Russian Ballet offers nearly all academic subjects at A level. If you wish to enquire about a particular subject, please contact the school on info@classicalballet.org